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Making Media, Building Peace

Twenty four students and the idea of peace! In a world dominated by narratives of hate and violence, what happens when young minds are encouraged to engage with the idea and practice of peace? Peace, not as an illusory ideal to be achieved, but peace with oneself and those around us! Peace which is not as lofty as the goal of world peace! This and something more exciting happened at The Faculty of Journalism and Communication at the

Written by Nidhi Shendurnikar-Tere and published on 15-April-2015

Peace or Profit: How Business Exacerbates and Restrains Violence in Colombia

Even though we generally think of armed conflict as the territory of governments, armies, rebel groups and the UN, all too often private companies find themselves in the heat of the battle as well. Operating in countries rich in natural resources and where labor costs are generally much lower than where they are headquartered, businesses are repeatedly drawn to places where they cannot escape the conflict dynamics. And it is exactly those dynamics that pose a pressing moral dilemma. Business...

Written by Annewil Hooijer and published on 27-March-2015

“I am an activist and I did not do any wrong”: The case of human rights defender Zara Alvarez

“Around 30 fully armed men surrounded me and pointed their gun at me. Cases of human rights violations where we documented extrajudicial killings or enforced disappearances came to my mind. I thought, maybe this is the moment, this time it´s me.” On October 30, 2012, Filipino Human Rights Activist Zara Alvarez was arrested by a special action force of the military in her home town of Cadiz, Negros Island. “At the police station I learned that I was arrested for the murder of a first...

Written by Muriel Gahl and published on 27-March-2015

South Sudan: Dreams Deferred

On 9th July, 2011, under the glare of the sub-Saharan sun, the world warmly welcomed The Republic of South Sudan into its fold. The flag went up before tens of thousands of elated citizens and dignitaries; and there was cheering, drumming and ululation for the world’s youngest nation. After more than 50 years of conflict and underdevelopment, the secession of South Sudan from Sudan was seen as an opportunity for the people to build a brighter and better future. Even amidst calls to resolve...

Written by N. Wayua and published on 27-March-2015

Could a Ceasefire in Aleppo Bring Peace to Syria?

As the 4th anniversary of the Syrian war takes place, a ceasefire negotiation in Aleppo proposed by the special UN envoy for Syria, Staffan De Mistura, who was appointed in July 2014, seems to have stumbled due to its rejection by parts of the Syrian opposition. The proposed ceasefire in the area of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, is the masterpie...

Written by Irene C and published on 16-March-2015

India or Pakistan App Seeks to Bring Nations Together

When it comes to Indian-Pakistani relations, the stories that dominate the news are ones of conflict and political tension. Ever since the British withdrawal in 1947 and the division of territory that followed, these two nations have been at odds. The contested border region of Kashmir has been a central point of turmoil. Over 100,000 lives have been lost and several wars fought over the past...

Written by Daniel Winstanley and published on 02-March-2015

Sarhadpaar: Let the message spread

Since the partition more than 6 decades ago, the relations between India and Pakistan have been characterized by suspicion and mistrust. The communication gap that has existed between Indians and Pakistanis for decades can now be bridged thanks to a vast amount of information and communications technology available to the public. Beyond Violence is launching the online campaign “Sarhadpaar.” During the first stage of the campaign, Pakistanis and Indians are invited to share their stories...

Written by Sofie Chen and published on 02-March-2015

Why Nonviolence Must Encompass Animals: Part One - Animal Advocacy and Feminism

In this first article of my series on the intersection between nonviolence and animal rights, I will be exploring the commonalities between the objectification and oppression of both women and animals. Why do I start this series with feminism? It was through feminist theory that I discovered how oppression of people and animals is interconnected. During the research for my master’s thesis on

Written by S. Lenz and published on 16-February-2015

Humanity Must not Forget: revisiting the Baga Massacre

Sometimes, it is inevitable that writing should come from a place of anger and despair. This piece of writing has been inspired by such feelings. From 3rd to 7th January 2015, scores of people were killed and others displaced in what Amnesty International describes as Boko Haram’s “deadliest massacre to date”. The militants destroyed...

Written by N. Wayua and published on 03-February-2015

A Walk Through Shatila Camp

Since arriving in Iraq, I have struggled with new feelings. Longing for the winding, dusty roads of Palestine, I have largely been in mourning for a place I didn’t know I had become so connected to. I feel the rumble of the Israeli jets in my veins, the panic of gunshots still lives under my skin and my stomach still feels the stress of sound bombs. I’m not sure how to match these feelings with my new environment. New friends here have become my lifeboats in a sea of monotony - lesson pl...

Written by H. Miller and published on 02-February-2015

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