Beyond Violence 


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A Test on Europe and a Lesson for All: The Migrant Crisis in Europe

As the Syrian Civil War has dragged on for more than 4 years, 10.6 million people, or almost half the population have been displaced, with 4.1 million people as registered refugees. Syrians make up the majority in the latest European migration crisis. “Close to 480,000 migrants have arrived in Europe by sea this year, and are now reaching European shores at a ...

Written by Sofie Chen and published on 07-October-2015

The Cognitive Dissonance of Trumpian Logic

“We will make America great again,” the stirring words of Donald Trump as he announced his candidacy for the 2016 U.S. presidential election in June. As Republican debate gains steam, sketchy details of a Trumpian utopia have emerged; largely expressed in terms of the U.S. reasserting its economic and foreign policy might—it seems, purely for the aura of being ‘the best’. The rhetoric and supposed nationa...

Written by Tej Parikh and published on 29-September-2015

Military Courts: An Unusual Dilemma

After the Peshawar school carnage of December 2014, Pakistan’s leadership established military courts throughout the country to deal explicitly with terrorists. The decision came after the National Assembly deliberated and adopted the 21st Constitutional Amendment Bill and the Pakistan Army (Amendment) Bil...

Written by Hussain Shorish and published on 25-September-2015

Art Has No Label

For centuries, the arts have been used to convey messages of human experience. Sometimes these messages fuel conflict, like the recent example of the Charlie Hebdo attack illustrates, and other times the arts nurtures peace, like the Love Has No Labels campaign shows . And sometimes, art is so penetrating that it has the potential to change the course of history, like the

Written by S. Gehrlein and published on 21-September-2015

Media Without Border

India and Pakistan have a film industry which is known as Bollywood and Lollywood respectively. Many famous stars with Pakistani roots have made their way to the Bollywood cinema. Film industry legends such as Dilip Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Rajesh Kapoor,

Written by Fatima Jaffery and published on 13-September-2015

The World Through Rose-colored Glasses

On grassroots peace activism by Red Elephant Foundation People tend to create their own bubbles, where they find their comfort zones and feel secure. The alternative otherwise speaks for itself; exposure to an unfamiliar world brings vulnerability. The bubbles we create for ourselves serve as our own armors. These armors are our perceptions of the world, made of our personal beliefs, the palpable and impalpable bias, as well as other elements that constitute our worldviews. We see o...

Written by Sofie Chen and published on 07-September-2015

Protecting War’s Most Vulnerable: Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict

Where to begin? There is hardly any sober or non-emotive way of writing about mothers who were raped in front of their children or about women and girls who were gang raped, then burned alive in their huts by the South Sudanese army. What words can you use to describe the plight of over

Written by Ndunge Wayua and published on 30-August-2015

Will Burundi Women Change the Politics of their Country through the Current Conflict?

Women are often perceived as having no other roles in conflict than being the victims of violence. They are being deeply affected by violent conflicts, often becoming the targets of sexual violence. Rape becomes a tool of warfare: it has been used during the armed conflicts in former Yugoslavia and is still occurring in

Written by S. Gehrlein and published on 19-August-2015

I remember and demand – a billboard commemoration of the Armenian genocide

I recently had the pleasure of spending a month in Armenia, working as a visiting scholar at the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute. When I arrived in Yerevan one of the first things I noticed on the drive from the airport into town was billboards all along the road with the slogan ‘I remember and demand’ and 1915, the year of the Armenian genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire. The ‘I remember’ part of the slogan resonates strongly and is omnipresent in Armenia today. The genoci...

Written by Tim Williams and published on 18-August-2015

The Real Price of Development

Money makes the world go around. As much as we might dislike this saying, we face proof of the truth behind it every day. But what do we do if, despite the money spent, the world does in fact not seem to go around as well as we would like it to. In recent years, criticism about the bottomless pit that is global development has been expressed widely. From marking it ineffective to downright counterproductive, many voices have advocated a halt to development aid spending over the years, the

Written by A. Hooijer and published on 31-July-2015

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