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It’s No Longer a Two People Affair; Think Before You Hit

There is a misconception more so in Kenyan communities that women stay in violent marriages to protect their children. Deep down, they actually believe that they are doing it for the good of their children, that if they leave, what will happen to their children? Who will take care of them? That is a story I have heard often and they are so convinced of this notion that you cannot dissuade them otherwise. Do they know that it’s never about the man and the woman? I wonder if they have ever look...

Written by Mercy Njueh and published on 29-November-2015

The Country Where People Take Every Risk to Escape: Eritrea

"Freedom from fear is as important as freedom from want. It is impossible to truly enjoy one of these rights without the other”. This insight from Amartya Sen is probably a statement many Eritreans, if not all, can relate to. Eritreans comprise the second largest group fleeing to Europe in the current crisis. Eritreans have been amongst the largest group of refugees for years on end. This is not because of war, but beca...

Written by Sabrina Gehrlein and published on 24-October-2015

Indians and Pakistanis Cement Friendship through Peace Building Course

Although it may be hard to believe, the sight of Indians and Pakistanis talking to each other is not at all unusual. Despite the barbed wires that separate people of the two ‘enemy’ nations, one finds Indians and Pakistanis connecting beyond physical and mental barriers. With the help of virtual technologies, it is no longer an uphill task to connect with someone from across the border. While one-off interactions are quite common, an Indo-Pak peace building initiative recently introduced...

Written by Nidhi Shendurnikar-Tere and published on 16-October-2015

Corruption, Political Stalemate, and Popular Protests: #YouStink - a turning point for Lebanon?

For nearly three months, over the course of a typically hot and humid summer, Beirut's residents have taken to the streets. At first, the demonstrations seemed to represent a logical manifestation of the widespread frustration at the closure of the Naameh landfill, and the subsequent pile up of uncollected garbage across the country. However, as public pressure o...

Written by Casey Davison O'Brien and published on 16-October-2015

A Test on Europe and a Lesson for All: The Migrant Crisis in Europe

As the Syrian Civil War has dragged on for more than 4 years, 10.6 million people, or almost half the population have been displaced, with 4.1 million people as registered refugees. Syrians make up the majority in the latest European migration crisis. “Close to 480,000 migrants have arrived in Europe by sea this year, and are now reaching European shores at a ...

Written by Sofie Chen and published on 07-October-2015

The Cognitive Dissonance of Trumpian Logic

“We will make America great again,” the stirring words of Donald Trump as he announced his candidacy for the 2016 U.S. presidential election in June. As Republican debate gains steam, sketchy details of a Trumpian utopia have emerged; largely expressed in terms of the U.S. reasserting its economic and foreign policy might—it seems, purely for the aura of being ‘the best’. The rhetoric and supposed nationa...

Written by Tej Parikh and published on 29-September-2015

Military Courts: An Unusual Dilemma

After the Peshawar school carnage of December 2014, Pakistan’s leadership established military courts throughout the country to deal explicitly with terrorists. The decision came after the National Assembly deliberated and adopted the 21st Constitutional Amendment Bill and the Pakistan Army (Amendment) Bil...

Written by Hussain Shorish and published on 25-September-2015

Art Has No Label

For centuries, the arts have been used to convey messages of human experience. Sometimes these messages fuel conflict, like the recent example of the Charlie Hebdo attack illustrates, and other times the arts nurtures peace, like the Love Has No Labels campaign shows . And sometimes, art is so penetrating that it has the potential to change the course of history, like the

Written by S. Gehrlein and published on 21-September-2015

Media Without Border

India and Pakistan have a film industry which is known as Bollywood and Lollywood respectively. Many famous stars with Pakistani roots have made their way to the Bollywood cinema. Film industry legends such as Dilip Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Rajesh Kapoor,

Written by Fatima Jaffery and published on 13-September-2015

The World Through Rose-colored Glasses

On grassroots peace activism by Red Elephant Foundation People tend to create their own bubbles, where they find their comfort zones and feel secure. The alternative otherwise speaks for itself; exposure to an unfamiliar world brings vulnerability. The bubbles we create for ourselves serve as our own armors. These armors are our perceptions of the world, made of our personal beliefs, the palpable and impalpable bias, as well as other elements that constitute our worldviews. We see o...

Written by Sofie Chen and published on 07-September-2015

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