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Brazil's Silent Justice Revolution

After Brazil’s traumatic defeat by Germany at this years’ World Cup, even President Dilma called for a ‘renewal’ of the national sport. Whoever wins this October’s presidential elections will also have to deal with the ongoing reform of a justice system that faces massive challenges. However, a ‘silent revolution’ is challenging some of its most archaic practices through innovative solutions that aim to improve the delivery of justice and which may provide examples other cou...

Written by Alex Wilkes and published on 20-October-2014

Soe Soe: An Incidental Refugee

It was on a recent trip to Myanmar that I made a promise to a friend. He told me his story of hardship and resolve against the Junta’s tyrannical regime, knowing that his was only a fragment of a much larger story yet to come to its conclusion. In writing this piece I intend to honour that promise. This is a story of one man’s escape from unjust imprisonment for laws he neither broke nor challenged and his return to a relatively (yet still far from) free-spoken country years later. From dis...

Written by Logan Sullivan and published on 14-October-2014

Does Israel need to rethink its policy on military service?

Military service in Israel is commonly seen as a rite of passage. At the age of 18, young men and women are conscripted into the army, the men for 3 years and the women for 2 years. If you take any form of public transport around Israel, the sight of a 20 year old laden with a backpack and a gun is common. Unlike other countries, where the sight of an armed soldier boarding your bus or train would give you a moment’s cause for concern, in Israel no one raises an eyebrow. As well as being a r...

Written by A.N..S. and published on 14-October-2014

Escalating Religious Conflicts in Africa

Although religious based conflicts are often associated with the Middle East, they also occur in Africa. Such conflicts are more common in northern parts of Africa in countries such as Libya, Sudan and Egypt. It is noteworthy that though Sub-Saharan Africa faces a number of conflicts, for a long time such conflicts have had little to do with religion. Recent news of violence in Central African Republic (CAR), bombings and attacks in Kenya as well as the Boko Haram situation in Nigeria reveal...

Written by Victor Oteku and published on 14-October-2014

Pro-Democracy Protest in Hong Kong Swells

Masses of pro-democracy protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong in September 2014 calling for free and open election in response to the election package offer by Beijing. The package stated that all candidates running for chief executive must be approved by a pro-Beijing committee. The protest started with student-led class boycotts. Joined by Occupy Central with Love and Peace, a protest gr...

Written by YMB and published on 13-October-2014

US Motivations in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

US MOTIVATIONS IN THE ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been ongoing for centuries, however since WW II external actors have played a big role in the evolution of the conflict. Violence broke out again in July this year, and the USA, a major ally of Israel, has already made several attempts to broker peace. But the USA has several objectives in the region, which might be exactly why the Israeli-Palestinian peace is so fragile. This round of peace talks and ceasef...

Written by BWC and published on 23-September-2014

Dzaleka series: a visit to a refugee camp

Living in Malawi means you are exposed to extreme poverty daily; Malawi is after all one of the poorest countries in the world. Over half of the population lives under the international poverty line of $1.25 a day. A quarter of the population is estimated to live in ‘extreme poverty’. After a year of living in Lil...

Written by Suzanne van Hooff and published on 08-September-2014

Bahrain and the untenable political situation

The tiny kingdom of Bahrain seldom makes headlines. The island-state bordering Saudi Arabia, Iran and Qatar has been ruled by the Sunni Muslim Al-Khalifa family for more than two hundred years. The Al-Khalifa family has, until now, failed to produce a zealous ruler eager to make international headlines. However, the uprising which erupted on Valentine’s Day 2011 and resultedin more than 40 deaths drew more i...

Written by Gertjan Hoetjes and published on 26-August-2014

A Life of Resistance: Conversations with Filmmaker Mustafa Azizi

Mustafa Azizi is a Nabulsi filmmaker, Executive Director of multi-media company Karakeeb, and staunch supporter of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. I sat down with him to discuss his experiences as a journalist student, film-maker and Palestinian living under Israeli occupation. Shutting the windows of the office, Mustafa turns to me and mutters, “On a Friday they drill in the street. They should not be allowed! It is Friday, we must pray and rest. We need quie...

Written by Heather Miller and published on 23-August-2014

ISIL's Biggest Weapon: It's Not A Gun But Social Media

The aggressive and monumental rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), or the Islamic State as they are now calling themselves, in Syria and in Iraq has dominated the news recently. The group, that wishes to create a medieval Islamic caliphate incorporating vast swathes of the Middle East, has been fighting in one way or another in Syria, against the rule of President Bashar Al-Assad, for several years now. Yet, it was the group’s lightning fast capture of much of Northern Ira...

Written by Jack Tarrant and published on 21-August-2014

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