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Humanitarian Aid as Conflict Commodity; How Food can Fuel Fighting

It is one of the most prominent principles prevailing in the humanitarian sector since its foundation in the second half of the 19th century: the moral obligation to help those in need. Throughout history, this ambition of doing good has served as a justification for intervening in armed conflicts worldwide, whether to treat the wounded or feed the hungry. Apparently, if your mission is to save lives, no questions are asked as to what impact you really have on the ground. However, there are ...

Written by A. Hooijer and published on 26-January-2015

Caught Between Frustration and Hope- The Philippines One Year After Typhoon Yolanda

On November 8 2014, one year after Typhoon Yolanda hit the Visayas Region of the Philippines, more than 10,000 people gathered in the streets of Tacloban, on Leyte Island. In this city, the most devastated by Yolanda in 2013, one can still feel the people´s anger and frustration. Many of the protesters were covered in mud, remembering the shocking force of...

Written by M. Gahl and published on 21-January-2015

Latest attack in Chechnya gives Russian authorities a new headache

On 4th December 2014, the eyes of the world turned yet again to Chechnya, the restless region in the Caucasus that fought two bloody wars against the Russian armed forces in a bid to secure its independence after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. In the early hours of the morning, suspected insurgents entered Grozny, the heavily guarded capital of the Chechen Republic, and killed 3 traffic police officers befo...

Written by P. Cummins Tripodi and published on 17-January-2015

Price of Democracy: Hong Kong Protest in Retreat

Student protesters demanding greater democracy for Hong Kong stated on December 4th that they are seriously considering a retreat from the roads they have occupied for more than two months. The announcement came after the police increased their efforts to remove the demonstrators from the streets by dispersing protesters in Admiralty district and the government headquarters, and clearing the protest site in the district of Mong Kok. The police took this action after

Written by S.C. and published on 22-December-2014

Battling Decades of Corruption in Egypt

November 2014: Hosni Mubarak is acquitted of all charges of corruption… To the dismay of both the international and domestic communities, on 29th November 2014 judges in Cairo vindicated Mubarak from charges of corruption and the murder of 800 protesters during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. Great dishonor has been brought upon the courageous people who took a stand against Mubarak’s destructive regime and now, regrettably, they must live in fear of persecution from his supporter...

Written by S. Maraghi and published on 22-December-2014

But Still We Rise: Curbing Gender-Based Violence in Kenya

"War and struggle have bruised and battered our bodies Patriarchy and his emissaries have tortured and traumatised our minds Now your prisons threaten to break our spirits Yet we rise in resistance (…) We stand not merely in solidarity but in the recognition of self in them Even in darkness still we will rise, we will acquiesce no more” Rudo Chigudu On 17th November 2014, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Nairobi to condemn the

Written by N. Wayua and published on 16-December-2014

The West's Big Problem: Why Does Joining ISIS Appeal To 2,000 Of Its Citizens?

With the continuous growth in ISIS’s strength, there has been a strong focus on the fighters themselves in the media. It is estimated that about 16,000 fighters from over 80 countries have travelled to fight in Syria. Two thousand of these fighters come from Western countries, with at least 500 of them coming from the United Kingdom, 700 from Franc...

Written by M.L. Schwarzenberg and published on 16-December-2014

Actually, They Do Know It's Christmas

With 2014 winding down and the holiday season well on its way, Christmas carols are all around us. And this year, for the fourth time, amidst all the consumerism and greed, Bob Geldof and his BandAid friends are here to remind us of the less fortunate in this world. After all, ‘do they know it’s Christmas time at all?’ This year, the recurring holiday single was re-launched to raise funds for the response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, with new lyrics tailored to the cause. While...

Written by A. Hooijer and published on 15-December-2014

Femicide: Alarming rates of Gender Violence Victims in Latin America

On November 18th, a 21-year-old girl was stabbed to death at her workplace in Trinidad, Bolivia after an argument with her boyfriend, who attempted suicide afterwards. This terrible murder occurred in front of a crowd of almost 20 people, who not only refused to intervene, but were also filming and photographing the deed. The young girl would probably still be alive, if they had not stayed impassive to the man’s actions. “Femicide” is a word you hardly hear, a word that does not even appe...

Written by J.T.I. and published on 27-November-2014

Misuse, Abuse and Personal Agendas: The Impact of Counter-Terrorism Policies in Turkey

Over the past decade, states spanning the globe have increasingly adopted counter-terrorism legislations. Ideally, such mechanisms are implemented for the protection of the masses. In reality, however, translations of the provisions have consistently proven to infringe rather than uphold the rights of citizens, such as in the cases of Ethiopia,

Written by S. Maraghi and published on 26-November-2014

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