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African Experiences of Youth in Political Violence - Can Zimbabwe Refuse this Option?

History tells us that politically motivated violence occurs in every society at some point during its existence. Be it in time of independence or rebellion, young people invariably play a role in perpetrating acts of violence. Indeed, in weak and emerging societies, political leaders sometimes play a subversive role in manipulating and mobilising young people to violently realise and further their own political objectives. Mobilising youth to commit political violence is not an inh...

Written by Paul Bradfield and published on 19-July-2013

The Messy Business of Zimbabwean Elections and the Role of SADC Mediators

“The other parties do not want elections, they are afraid of elections” Mugabe, June 2013 Electoral violence is a topic which is reviewed and assessed among many organisations and individuals with the aim to prevent, mitigate and avoid bloodshed and aggression during the electoral cycle. The purpose of the electoral...

Written by Machteld Bierens de Haan and published on 10-July-2013

Equal Opportunities: Fiasco with the Election Date and Why Zimbabweans Need More Time

The date of Zimbabwe’s 2013 elections has been the subject of intense and protracted debate for a number of reasons. One of the principal causes for this goes back to the bloody and tumultuous 2008 elections. The horrific violence surrounding the contested election results caused the two main political parties, Mugabe’s ZANU-PF and Tsvangirai's MDC, to enter into the Global Political Agreement (GPA), which allowed them to share power in the subsequent government. One of the key...

Written by Barnaby Locke and published on 02-July-2013

Political Violence in Zimbabwe: A Brief Overview

Robert Mugabe was elected as the first President of Zimbabwe in 1980 after a protracted struggle against the white minority government of Ian Smith. His ZANU-PF claimed his inauguration address in April 1980 Mugabe called for an end to the viole...

Written by Jamie Hitchen and published on 10-June-2013