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Gender Transitional Justice: Turning the Weapon of War into a Mechanism for Justice

A ‘weapon of war’, a ‘tool of terror’ or one of the ‘spoils of war’. These slogan phrases are symptomatic of rape and sexual violence being held at a level of insignificance throughout history. It wouldn’t be naïve to be lulled into a false sense of security that the international community would have learnt from its past mistakes, thus put in every possible provision to prevent sexual violence of such magnitude. Unfortunately today, this is simply not the cas...

Written by Olivia Doherty and published on 03-August-2017

Special 8th March blog post series: The Heroine of Liberia’s Fight for Gender Justice: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

As eleven years of peaceful leadership comes to a close, the world reflects back on what Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has achieved for women’s rights and gender justice in Liberia. As the very first female head of state in post-independent Africa, President Sirleaf stood as a beacon of hope for w...

Written by Olivia Doherty and published on 05-April-2017

Special 8th March blog post series: Tawakkul Karman: The mother of the revolution

As the first Arabic woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011, she is considered the international public face of Yemen's Arab Spring. She is a prominent activist for human rights and freedom of expression. A new generation of activists, young and confident, led the revolutionary wind that in 2011 had spread in North Africa and in the Middle East. The protests started from Tunisia in December 2010 and rapidly expanded to neighbouring countries. Deteriorating economies with unequal distr...

Written by Marcella Esposito and published on 08-March-2017

It’s No Longer a Two People Affair; Think Before You Hit

There is a misconception more so in Kenyan communities that women stay in violent marriages to protect their children. Deep down, they actually believe that they are doing it for the good of their children, that if they leave, what will happen to their children? Who will take care of them? That is a story I have heard often and they are so convinced of this notion that you cannot dissuade them otherwise. Do they know that it’s never about the man and the woman? I wonder if they have ever look...

Written by Mercy Njueh and published on 29-November-2015

Protecting War’s Most Vulnerable: Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict

Where to begin? There is hardly any sober or non-emotive way of writing about mothers who were raped in front of their children or about women and girls who were gang raped, then burned alive in their huts by the South Sudanese army. What words can you use to describe the plight of over

Written by Ndunge Wayua and published on 30-August-2015

Will Burundi Women Change the Politics of their Country through the Current Conflict?

Women are often perceived as having no other roles in conflict than being the victims of violence. They are being deeply affected by violent conflicts, often becoming the targets of sexual violence. Rape becomes a tool of warfare: it has been used during the armed conflicts in former Yugoslavia and is still occurring in

Written by S. Gehrlein and published on 19-August-2015

Yemen's Women Push Hard for Equal Rights Using Islam and Bicycles

It doesn't come as a surprise to know that Yemen ranks highest in the category of ‘worst country for women’ based on economical participation and opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment. International media outlets do not often portray Yemeni women, and if they do, the portraits fit the stereotype of what a woman in the worst country for women would loo...

Written by S. Gehrlein and published on 19-July-2015

Why Nonviolence Must Encompass Animals: Part One - Animal Advocacy and Feminism

In this first article of my series on the intersection between nonviolence and animal rights, I will be exploring the commonalities between the objectification and oppression of both women and animals. Why do I start this series with feminism? It was through feminist theory that I discovered how oppression of people and animals is interconnected. During the research for my master’s thesis on

Written by S. Lenz and published on 16-February-2015

But Still We Rise: Curbing Gender-Based Violence in Kenya

"War and struggle have bruised and battered our bodies Patriarchy and his emissaries have tortured and traumatised our minds Now your prisons threaten to break our spirits Yet we rise in resistance (…) We stand not merely in solidarity but in the recognition of self in them Even in darkness still we will rise, we will acquiesce no more” Rudo Chigudu On 17th November 2014, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Nairobi to condemn the

Written by N. Wayua and published on 16-December-2014

Femicide: Alarming rates of Gender Violence Victims in Latin America

On November 18th, a 21-year-old girl was stabbed to death at her workplace in Trinidad, Bolivia after an argument with her boyfriend, who attempted suicide afterwards. This terrible murder occurred in front of a crowd of almost 20 people, who not only refused to intervene, but were also filming and photographing the deed. The young girl would probably still be alive, if they had not stayed impassive to the man’s actions. “Femicide” is a word you hardly hear, a word that does not even appe...

Written by J.T.I. and published on 27-November-2014

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