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Aung San Suu Kyi: A Lesson in the Delusion of Hero Worship

The ongoing genocide against the Rohingya in Myanmar –which has driven some 480,000 people from their homes in the last month – has been widely covered in the global press. Many commentators desperately urged de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, one of the world’s most celebrated Nobel Peace Laureates, to speak out against the atrocities. Breaking her silence in

Written by Sophia Turner and published on 02-October-2017

Human Rights and Humans wronged: Extrajudicial killing in Kenya

A spate of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings in Kenya has been the subject of public debate and scrutiny in recent times. These abuses have been committed by state security agents and seemingly unaccountable officers in the wider context of crackdowns on criminal gangs and counter-terror operations. Most recently,

Written by Ndunge Wayua and published on 10-July-2017

Women and Health Care Services in Yemen: Gender Issues in a Country Tormented by War

What's happening in Yemen? The Yemeni Civil War began on 26 March 2015 between the internationally recognised government of President Abdarabo Mansor Hady, supported by the Joint Meeting Parties, and those allied to the Houlthi rebel movement that accused the government of corruption and of planning to marginalise their heartland within a proposed federal system. This conflict started after the failure of the constitutional reform and the attempt to restructure the military secto...

Written by Ali Habeeb and published on 05-June-2017

What happened to Libya?

Rarely a day goes by without news from Syria or Iraq, on attacks, the continuous fighting and ongoing humanitarian crisis. It is undoubtedly the focus of international attention, even though other countries such as Libya and Yemen also experience persistent armed conflict, insecurity and enormous humanitarian challenges. A few years back, the situation in Libya was actively reported on in the western mainstream media. However, the last big public discussions seemed to be limited to former pres...

Written by Marie-Luise Schwarzenberg and published on 19-April-2017

The Nation State: Bounded Humanitarianism

National sovereignty is weakly aligned to global altruism. Accountable to its own constituents, foreign policy, fundamentally a tool to serve and protect national interests, can act like a cap on humanitarianism. When national interests are at stake, international policy suffers from myopia, self-interest and double-standards. And it lies at the very heart of our collective failures in peace, human rights and economic prosperity. Security is one such national priority that does...

Written by Tej Parikh and published on 10-June-2016

The Refugee Crisis of the Middle East: What are the Gulf States Doing?

Late last year, it took an image of a drowned toddler for Western media to finally start covering the refugee crisis in more depth. However, the focus lies on Europe, with both the efforts and struggles of Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Sweden in the spotlight. This angle leaves the public wondering: why aren’t the Arab countries doing anything to take in Syrian refugees? Especially the ‘super rich Gulf states’, where reports show that they have taken in zero refugees; why aren’t the...

Written by Marie Luise Schwarzenberg and published on 16-April-2016

Is Lacking a National Hero Hurting Burundi?

In April 2015 a situation occurred in Burundi, which could remind us of the situation in Burkina Faso in October 2014: the sitting president announced plans to change the constitution, attempting to extend his presidential term. After unravelling these situations in these two countries they turned out to be far from similar. Many factors influence why the current situation in Burundi is so different from the Burkinabe uprising in 2014. This article will only focus on how the lack of an historic ...

Written by Sabrina Gehrlein and published on 02-January-2016

The forgotten War in Yemen - A humanitarian Catastrophe Waiting to Happen

The world talks about Syria, it talks about Paris and Mali, it talks about climate change, and Russian planes. But somehow the mass media forgot about the still ongoing war in Yemen. Since late March of this year, the Saudi-led coalition has been bombing territory occupied by rebels, leaving 1.5 million Yemenis displaced. Close to 6,000 people have been killed

Written by Marie-Luise Schwarzenberg and published on 12-December-2015

The Country Where People Take Every Risk to Escape: Eritrea

"Freedom from fear is as important as freedom from want. It is impossible to truly enjoy one of these rights without the other”. This insight from Amartya Sen is probably a statement many Eritreans, if not all, can relate to. Eritreans comprise the second largest group fleeing to Europe in the current crisis. Eritreans have been amongst the largest group of refugees for years on end. This is not because of war, but beca...

Written by Sabrina Gehrlein and published on 24-October-2015

Russia's Youth Speak Out About Ukraine Crisis

The current crisis in Ukraine shows the world how even the closest allies can pull away from each other. Russia and Ukraine were long-term partners, but one should not forget how uneven this partnership was. The Orange Revolution in 2004-05 was the first sign of Ukraine trying to gain independence from its “older brother”. Russia's reaction to the events in Ukraine and all the changes that have followed has kep...

Written by K. Ananyeva and published on 25-May-2015

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