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The Colombia Conversation

Beyond Violence's Colombia campaign aims to use creative expression to initiate a conversation about the presence of violence and peace in Colombian life, and mobilise youth ideas to work for a peaceful future.

In November 2013 we held a workshop to teach these skills, host discussion in a safe space online, and provide tools for young people to organise their ideas for a better future. Now we are moving forward to take the enthusiasm of young people and work toward peaceful movements in Colombia.

Due to the 40 year armed conflict, violence has become a normalised part of Colombian life. At times a culture of powerlessness seems to prevail, people are socially discouraged from talking about violence, and don't appear to exhibit much hope for the future of the country. Beyond Violence seeks to combat powerlessness and apathy. We are hosting workshops to teach skills of creative expression to young Colombians, in order to initiate a conversation about the presence of violence and peace in Colombian life. We are also providing a safe online forum for the open expression of Colombian thoughts about violence and peace. We want to build awareness of the community of likeminded peace-oriented people in Colombia, so that together we can organise ideas for a better future.

Check out our promotional videos for the campaign workshop:

Conversaciónes de Colombia advert

Ibagué community mural

Biblioteca Ambalá Reading Room project

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