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Beyond Violence is an ambitious global movement which aims at positively transforming conflict attitudes around the world and the more numerous we are on this journey towards non-violence, the more we can achieve together! There are several ways you can join the movement and contribute to our common struggle for peace.

Beyond Violence is carrying out diverse campaigns which target conflicts all around the world and the petitions it creates are an essential part of it. They are directed at actors and stakeholders in conflict areas as a way of pressuring them into resolving their conflicts non-violently. By signing a petition, you can make your voice heard and have a positive impact on the dynamics of conflict everywhere in the world!

Beyond Violence is a dynamic organisation where passionate people work together in an inspiring environment. Everybody, whatever their specialisation, can help the movement improve its strategies and actions. Just send your CV and a cover letter specifying your areas of interest and we will get back to you as soon as a position comes out for you! Click the button below to email us.

Is there a conflict you are particularly concerned about but Beyond Violence does not have a campaign about it yet? Send us your suggestions with what you think we can achieve together!