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International Day of Peace: Stop the Violence! Peace is the way to go

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Press image United States, Virginia. Beyond Violence (BV) joins the world in celebrating the International Day of Peace today, the 21st of September 2016, under the theme “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building blocks for peace”.

This day is important as it constantly reminds the world of the importance of the goal of peaceful co-existence. The day comes at a time when humanity is still battling insurgencies in parts of Africa and the Middle East. The worst scenario being the defiance of peace deals and ceasefire agreements in some countries like South Sudan and Syria. The day comes at a time when elections continue to be a root cause of violence as exemplified by the outcome of the Uganda, Zambia, and Gabon elections.

Article 1 of the United Nations (UN, 1992) Charter states that its fundamental aim is: “To maintain international peace and security and to take collective measures against violators of peace.” Advancing the same, are the Sustainable Development Goals, adopted on the 25th of September, 2015, by 193 member states emphasising on SDG number 16: “To promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development and to provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions”.

Noting the above promises, BV would like you to take a moment and reflect on a peaceful egalitarian society, and the hope for sustainable development that is still achievable. BV urges all warring parties around the globe to take a moment to reflect and lay down their weapons for the sake of peace. In 2015, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for a 24 hour cease-fire among all warring factions in the lead up to the Day of Peace. This year, we at BV call for a stop to wars that are killing millions of civilians and ask for parties to consider non-violent conflict resolution methods. BV also acknowledges that conflicts around the world are derailing the peace and development agenda, ravaging populations, dividing international bodies, destroying infrastructure, and causing economies to stagnate; hence a need to move beyond anarchy, dissonance, and apathy, to embrace positive peace.

BV further calls upon the UN member states, plus other regional and international bodies, to significantly reduce all forms of violence caused by conflicts in the world and further encourage these institutions to desist from the brotherhood syndrome that condones violent actions done by peers. BV also notes that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals can only be achieved if all of us work together towards resolving conflicts around the world and further underscores the importance of justice, strong institutions, respect for human rights, and rule of law, as the building blocks for peace in the world.

Last but not least, BV would like you to take a moment again, on this Day of Peace, to remember all the victims of violence around the globe, and encourage all of humanity to embrace peace for sustainable development.

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